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Air Refresher Multiple Scents

Air Refresher Multiple Scents

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Freshen up your room, car or any space with our air refresher spray. 4oz

Try our many scents for a fresh and clean experience.

Barber Fresh:  Cedar, Carnation & Jasmin

11B: Tobacco Absolute, Bergamot & Vanilla

Whiskey Blend: Tennessee Whiskey & Caramel

6.21: Bergamot, Vanilla, Tonka Bean & Chocolate

N2: Black Amber, Patchouli & Oak

Old School: Bergamot, Vanilla & Patchouli

Gentleman's Choice: Musk, Patchouli & Sandalwood

Patriots Blend: Bourbon, Pepper, Patchouli & Amber Wood

Charlotte Musk: Leather, Musk & Bergamot

Bay Rum: Spicy Bay Rum

Bourbon Blend: Bourbon, Orange & Vanilla

Ingredients: cyclomethicone, essential oils.